Thursday, 18 March 2010

Another work filled day.

My little bird has got to wait another day! I have 910 words of notes, hopefully this time that means 910 words, for my last essay I had over 1000 words of notes, but I repeated myself A LOT. Hehe. I've got quite a bit about identities with different cultures, and people called "translations" because they live abroad from their homeland and so their culture and values have been translated, and then also stuff about globalization possibly being americanization since there is not global equality between race, gender, age, etc. but more a world orientated and governed by white, middle aged, upper class, male, Westerners. I also have an interesting example about Switzerland and how it could be an example of what we should aim for since it has four unique identities and cultures all living under one uniform identity and culture. Still got a lot to do, I'm not sure how to piece it all together yet, so better get working!

Sorry to anyone who read that thinking it would be fun and cheery!

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