Sunday, 14 March 2010

Home decorating = love

Eee. So. I got my essay done and in on time. Apparently we were supposed to hand in two copies, I only handed in 1...but they can photocopy it themselves. No one else knew, they got told by the receptionist, it's not my fault she wasn't there when I handed mine in. Hehe. Other people had problems getting into the word limit too, also felt like they had finished the essay at 1,300-1,500 words. :) Made me feel good. Person before me handed in an essay 2,201 words long. I thought it was a bit silly considering you get penalized for going over 2,200 words, and 1 word isn't that difficult to cut. Anyhoo...

I bought a MASSIVE canvas today. 813 x 1016 mm. :D I don't know what to paint on it though. Any ideas? It's going to go in our living room. Hehe. I want to decorate and craft quite a bit, but I still have another essay to do about in a global world the term national identity is outdated. It should be an interesting essay, just I hate doing essays. Hehe. Ho hum.

Pretty pictures of interiors anyone? They make me happy:

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