Tuesday, 16 March 2010

What to wear...

I do dislike having to choose what to wear because I am sometimes in that mood that makes me hate everything. I also tend to buy somthing, love it for about a week and then decide that it is either to loose, too tight, to dark, to light, to casual or to nice. It annoys me just a little, but it's hard to change the way you think. Depsite this I do love dreaming up outfits, and looking at them, probably because when I put them on me in my head I have a body like the models, so everything looks great. So yesterday to take a break from reading about globalization I looked at some outfits on various websites (Zara, Promod, IKKS, Kookai, Morgan de Toi, and Free People). Here are the outfits I like, and might wear, some I would definetly wear and others are pretty but I am not too sure. :)
Sorry for the overload of pictures. :) Back to work it is for me.

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