Thursday, 25 March 2010

Birthday Wish list.

I thought, to stop people from asking, and incase people were wondering I would put together a wish list for my birthday. I do not need any of these things, and do not mind getting anything else, these are just things I know I like. :) But please read the second part of this post, I think it's more important.

Marc Johns book Serious Drawings.

Gratitude book from kikki.k.

Lomo diana camera.

101 dreams book from kikki.k.

An instant camera.

Goals book from kikki.k.

Summer scarves, the above three from Promod.

But for me birthdays, and any special day isn't really about what you get, it's more about the fun and the memories. If I don't remember the day fondly, if it wasn't fun and celebrated with special people and smiles then really what is the point of the presents? SO I thought I'd add some things that I think would help make a day fun and special.

Balloons! :D


Lanterns because they are pretty.

Cupcakes, to put the next thing in. :)

Moustaches on sticks, for funny photos and memories.

Gerbera - my favourite flowers



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