Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Change in the Weather

I thought this e-mail from one of my lecturers (for Identity, Culture and Education, ie. ICE) was rather entertaining, so I am sharing:

Dear Warrior,

I've just bumped into Professor Trelawney in the Department of Mysteries, it seems things are grim. In spite of the glorious weather which we are all enjoying, it is due to get much colder. Indeed, she foretold that the weather was going to be particularly icy on Friday. In fact, so specific were her utterings that she even named the time (5.15) and the location (PG20).

In truth, it seems we are to be reunited for the rest of the term; and in honour of the occasion I will add a new file to Readings on DUO - it is a work in progress (a bit like life really) - an unfinished catalogue of article titles culled from the Restricted Section of the BBC - which might prove of use with the odd assignment.

Pip pip


Can you guess that he loves Harry Potter?

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