Sunday, 7 March 2010

The carefree days...

I miss the days when we had nothing to worry about, when life was just fun times. I know I don't have half the responsiblities some people have, and that a couple of essays and a week full of basketball isn't really THAT stressful, but it's not unstressful. I am longing for the summer, when all I need to worry about is not burning my skin in the sun. Hehe. I do moan a lot. I think I thought I'd enjoy my course a bit more, it feel a bit more like a chore than something I enjoy though, and that doesn't set you up for the best of moods at the end of the day.

I'm not exactly working much though. I'm more in a state of "ARGH!" than "Let's get working, I have a busy week next week!", and I think the latter would probably be the best state at the moment. Ho hum. I'll just sit in stress. Yays...

I have done an introduction for my essay, but not sure I'm taking it too seriously as it does mention the shock of my instincts being wrong since I am a woman...I hate having to write essays as if you have no sense of humour or personality. How boring must they be to read? Poor lecturers! They do ask for it though, so I'm not going to pity them that much!

OK...back to sitting and dreaming of fun times. :)

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