Wednesday, 3 March 2010


I got my letter from James. :) Made me smile, and cry a little, but it's a good cry. Hehe. We can have our movie dates now! Yay!!!! Hehe.
And it's really sunny and warm out, as you can see from the picture above! :D I love it. Feel so happy and awake when I'm outside, unfortunately I am inside right now and my tiredness has caught up with me, but I'm not too bothered because it's so pretty outside! Hehe. :)

My quick update for the day. Got some reading to do for tomorrow, another lecture to go to and a birthday party in the Vern to attend. I'm thinking of only going to the Vern bit, I am rather sleepy. Exciting times!

Ooo, and I calculated. 32 hours of lectures left this term, and 124 more days til I see James! Yays!!

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