Tuesday, 2 March 2010


I wish. I think if I had no direction in my life I could be quite happy, just live each day as it comes. But I can't really because I have deadlines to meet and lectures to go to, my days are pretty much planned out for me by the university. I don't even have the option of not going and teaching myself the stuff with the lecture notes, because the only modules that just read of the lecture notes are Education, and lectures are not optional. I find it a bit silly, but can't really do anything about it.
It's sunny again today. :) Makes me happy, I feel a bit more awake and appreciative of the world when it's sunny and the skies are blue. hehe.
So it's a long day again today. Yay. I think I may be exhausted by tomorrow. Anyways, since I might not make it on here until tomorrow, I thought BALLOONS! They are so pretty, free and happy. I think because so many of us link them to our childhood they can bring back so many fond memories and make us feel playful again. :)

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