Friday, 5 March 2010

Second Chance.

Yesterday was not as productive as I had planned it to be. I painted some bottles, but they didn't turn out too great. I tried my maths and didn't get very far. (We have been set 1 question to do in 2 I'm guessing it's normal to find it hard). I did not organise the mess in my room that is my clothes. I did not find information for my essay due next Friday, nor did I make an outline. I didn't even buy more food. So despite being a beautiful day, it didn't feel too productive. It managed to get to 19:00 with out me even noticing!

I did however have a very nice relaxed day and have woken up today feel refreshed and happy. This mood will change after an hour and a half of lectures on social class in higher education, I can just feel it. :P

Second chances at life are pretty great, I think I've given myself quite a few, always trying to change, not sure if it's for the better or because I just like change. James said I do tend to force change, and I though maybe I should stop, but that would be change...oh life, why do I make you so confusing?

Anyhoo, got a life to go live! Toodles.

PS: Camera ran out of when I have time there will be photo updates. :)

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