Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Work sucks...

Day 65 - Urrrm...yeah! Bored?

Day 66 - I sorted out my room a little. :)

Day 67 - I got a new light. :D So pretty!

Trying to work. I much prefer the breaks I take whilst working. :P I did manage to do quite a lot of work whilst waiting for these photos to load, so this post has actually been more productive than not. I suppose that's a good thing! Hehe. I have written down rough definitions and facts on paper, and am now making a vague outline including the stuff I had written on paper, so that then I just need to make it sound nicer and sort it out a bit, add in a few examples and quotes and TADA! Essay done without even knowing it! Quite amazing really!! Hehe.

PS: It's 11:00 and darker than it was at 7:30...I find it a bit odd.

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